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BIG Feet

By Karen Lippy

Illustrated by Shana Morrow

The two young chicks are getting older,

and growing into their feet.

This is a story about understanding life,

and loving your family.


All events portrayed in these stories were witnessed by the million

plus viewers who watched the live cameras provided

by the sponsors.

Volume 2 of the Two Little Eagles Series

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Dad Brings Home Lunch

By Karen Lippy

Illustrated by Shana Morrow

The delivery of a skunk to the nest by Dad was

the highlight of that season.

Dad Brings Home Lunch is a fairly accurate description

of the events that occurred.


The stories in this trilogy were taken from events at the 2015 Hanover eagle nest while watching the cameras provided by

the PA Game Commission, HDonTAP and Xfinity/Comcast.

Volume 1 of the Two Little Eagles Series

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Two Little Eagles

By Karen Lippy

Illustrations by Jessica Rose St./Dobe Illustrations

A lesson in love accompanied by beautiful imagery, Two Little Eagles is a short story the whole family will enjoy.


Dedicated to eagle

lovers of all ages.



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Growing Up Eagle

By Karen Lippy

Illustrations by Diane Cromer

The book Growing Up Eagle is based on the two chicks that grew up in the Hanover eagle nest in 2015.  Much of what occurs in the book were things witnessed by myself and others as we watched the eagles in the nest and after they fledged.  But there were gaps in our observations.  None of us saw the eaglets learning to fish or their first encounters with eagles other than their parents.  We could not see where they went when they disappeared for days at a time.  So, this book is a mixture of fact and fiction.


Where the character Green Feather Hat is mentioned in the book, these are the actual things we saw occurring as we watched the eagles throughout that year.  Other events are from my imagination, but the actions of the birds depicted in the book are as close to actual behaviors as I could keep them.


I hope you enjoy the story.


My feet are on a familiar path.  It is old and overgrown by brush.  No car has driven this road in fifty years.  But I know it well, every twist and turn.  When I was a child, my family drove this road every Friday evening.  We traveled to my mother's birthplace, where my great aunt and uncle were still farming the homestead.  We purchased milk and eggs for our family that would last a week.


In the 1700's a man named John Runkle brought his wife, children and brother to this land which he had purchased from William Penn's sons.  They lived in a small log house for the first few years while land was cleared and crops were planted.  Then John constructed a solid farm house, using timber from the land and generations of descendants lived, worked and died there.  They are buried in a small cemetery nearby.  In 1920, my mother was born in that house.


In the early 1960's, the State of Pennsylvania began buying up this land for a state park.  My mother always said she did not like the park because she could not go home again.  But I go there daily to walk the paths, paddle its waters in my kayak and enjoy the wildlife and wildflowers encountered.  I love this land.  How could I not?  The blood and bone of my family make up its ground.  It is the kingdom of the eagles.  But it is my kingdom as well.


In 2015, the Pennsylvania Game Commission placed a camera slightly above the active nest of a pair of eagles.  Over a million and a half devices tuned in daily for the intriguing saga of these birds.


In these pages, I invite you to join those eagles and me as we spend a year together.


This is the unseen story of the Hanover eagle nest.

I hope you will enjoy.


A Year With the Eagles

The Unseen Story of the Hanover Eagle Nest

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