Hanover Eagle Nest: The Unseen Story

Special PowerPoint Presentation by Karen Lippy

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Karen Lippy is currently offering the public a free PowerPoint presentation entitled "Hanover Eagle Nest: The Unseen Story"The presentation is a collection of photos of the young eagles as they learned survival skills and grew to independence. Please contact her on the 'Contact Karen Lippy' page on this site if you are interested in having her present this at one of your gatherings.

The presentation is free to the public but if you would like to donate, Karen is asking that all honorary donations be sent to the following:

Friends of Codorus - who help sponsor the Hanover Eagle Cam

York Audubon Society - who provide education about nature and do community projects to enhance habitat for wildlife.

Images of the chicks once they fledged from the nest.

More videos at Karen Lippy's

YouTube Channel

A cord for the eagle cam runs up the length of the tree on Nov. 30, 2015 in Heidelberg Township.   Clare Becker, The Evening Sun

The Evening Sun

 By Lillian Reed

11:26 a.m. EST December 1, 2015

Hanover eagle cam ready for second season

    Individuals from the 13,000-member group heard the lack of state budget might keep the camera dark this year and quickly donated to the Friends of Codorus State Park nonprofit, which contributed a total of $2,400, said Codorus State Park manager Warren Werntz on Monday.


With funding secured, the eagles are ready to return for their second season of livestreaming on the Pennsylvania Game Commission's website. Workers installed cameras above the nest Monday, and the stream could go live as soon as next week.


Last year, the game commission installed a camera overlooking the nest of two bald eagles, who live in a Heidelberg Township nest overlooking Codorus State Park. The stream quickly went viral, with about 1.5 million people tuning in worldwide to watch the birds hatch and raise two eaglets.


Facebook groups, like Hanover, PA Eagle Cam, quickly popped up online, with thousands of people talking about the livestream and asking whether it would return in 2016...

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